If you’re American and living in Oslo, chances are you’ve heard of the newly established Nighthawk Diner in Grünnerløka. Situated on the southwest corner of the Birkelunden square/plass/area/thingie. I remember having had a shit day, and my husband took us here for a bite to eat and a milkshake. I was not disappointed. I’ve returned several more times, trying burgers and breakfasts. If you have yet to find a good spot for fries here in Oslo, look no further. They’re real potatoes, not frozen, and the perfect ratio of crunch to grease. Until recently, I’ve been pregnant on every visit, so I have yet to try their cocktails or sample the beer selection. The only downside is that you have to witness atrocities such as this:


That’s right. This Nordmann is eating his burger and fries with a knife and fork. Despite this, it’s a great place to eat and visit with friends. You’re not rushed in and out (can’t say I’ve been rushed in a restaurant anywhere here), and the atmosphere is conducive to conversation and people watching. If you haven’t stepped foot in Grünnerløka yet, do yourself a favor and explore.

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