Getting my shift together

Goodbye laziness. Hello blog. How many times do I begin a post with some variance of this? Often, I suspect. But like the boy who cried wolf, it’s different this time! I swear! Perhaps the impetus is this: I’ve had a baby. And while I am happy being mommy, I need a bit more stimulus to the brain to stave off episodes of leaving keys in doors, gas burners on and other telltale signs of mommy brain.

About 9 months after I posted on the bulging fertility of Norway, I myself got knocked up. This time, we didn’t need IVF, which would have been FREE here in Norge. As it was I did have my barn here, which was interesting. So now I am one of the mamma mafia, using my stroller as leverage to push through the Norwegian crowds, taking full advantage of its SUV build. If I had ever blogged on the expat parties I enjoyed so fully, you would now notice a veritable shift to less debauchery and more family fun. So let’s pretend we are doing that now.

Consider this your shift.

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Back in the saddle…

So, I’ve been a bit remiss in posting. Right, well, it’s been a year. So here’s a quick review:

Alexandre started school.

We crossed Hemsedal off the Norge list.

Traveled back to Dallas for Halloween where the boys picked up pig sick, but Alexandre made his appearance as Ricky Bobby. Obama came and went. We lit some torches and paraded around waving.Winter lasted for, well, a while.

You get the idea. So, well, when Easter came around we were so ready for a vacation.

Which is why we went to Finalnd to go skiing.But all was not lost. We went to Turkey in May to catch some rays. And then headed to Hilton Head with my fam over the summer. Came back, hiked in the Hardanger with our friends from Austin and Germany.And then Alexandre started school again.





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